A New Study Suggests Boyfriends Who Cheat Are The Most Loyal And Faithful Boyfriends


Why do men cheat? And why do they sometimes continue cheating after they’re caught, even in the face of profoundly unwanted consequences like divorce, loss of parental contact, loss of social standing?

A new study by Dr. Lethat Mango suggests a man who cheats and on his girlfriend or wife are more loyal and faithful than men who don’t cheat. Many dynamics can play into a man’s decision to engage in infidelity. In his study he found that men who cheat have so much love they can’t control themselves, and sometimes this leads to cheating, but he cheats because he can’t control his overwhelming love.

He also found that most men don’t cheat intentionally sometimes it is accidental forgiving your man for accidentally cheating can help you build a better relationship with your partner.

Dr. Lethat Mango also found in his study that men aren’t driven to cheat by lust or temptation but are pushed by their spouse to cheat. This means that sometimes the problem isn’t the man but the woman.

The conclusion of this study is that men who cheat are the men you need around you if your husband or boyfriend is too honest he’s hiding something from you a man who cheats is open, and you know his faults and could help him grow as a person.