Home Trending Man LIVE STREAMS Himself SHOOTING A Burglar!


The way this guy was walking around his house with a gun looked just like a video game. The guy was on the hunt for a burglar who didn’t seem to have anything to steal in the first place!

The guy was on Facebook live streaming himself hunting the burglar down. “Catching and shooting burglar on camera” was the title post.

Again, this is another time where I wonder why someone would go on FB live to show themselves committing a crime or in this case possible murder. You could make the argument that this could be used as evidence if this case ever went to a trail. “SEE I SWEAR THERE WAS A HALLOWEEN MONSTER IN MY HOUSE!”


Some people are really leaning towards the side of this being staged as a weird comedy sketch while others have broken it down scene by scene thinking it was legit. The good thing about the internet, I can just share it with you guys and let you be the judge.